Garden Of Broken Light Bulbs

Salutations!! my name is Alexandrea, but all who have the misfortune of having to spend any length of time in my general vicinity, call me Allie. I am almost 17 , dream of everywhere I'm not (London being most prominent) and, I cant stress this next statement in of , I am a MASSIVE SPAZ!!!:P
A brief interlude of things I cannot live with out:
.Pushing Daises
. Doctor Who
. Sherlock
. Supernatural
. Star Wars
. Teen Wolf
. Star Trek
. Hannibal
. Merlin
. Firefly
. Community
. The Fault In Our Stars
. The Hunger Games (books and movies)
. Physics Of The Impossible
. Enders's Game
. Lord of The Rings ( books and movies)
. Dr.horrible's sing along blog
. Everything Marvel
. The Matrix (all three movies)
. The Harry Potter(books and movie)
And so on and so forth
(P.S. This is an extremely minuscule list that has been revised to save hours of your time trying to read a list longer then Homestuck)
(P.S.S Also A Lesbian ;D)
Thanks For Visiting!


AU: Bypassing magical security using her vortex manipulator and hallucinogenic lipstick on the unsuspecting caretaker, River attempts to steal a Hogwarts portrait. However, she’s greeted with the intimidating stare of Deputy Headmistress Minerva McGonagall instead.

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